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Safety rule for an Escort

Safety rule for an Escort


Whether you work as an agency escort or independent escort, you must protect yourself at all times. Learning these tips in advance will keep you safe, and your job as an escort will remain stress and drama free.


Adopt an alias

As an escort, never use your real name. One of the best ways to protect your identity is to think of a nickname that you like, is distant from your real name and closely matches your escort persona. Some escort agencies will automatically assign a name though you can request a specific one. Having a unique name makes it difficult for someone to track you down and steal your identity.


Don’t exchange the money

Instead, have your client visibly place the money on a table or some other prominent place such as on the bathroom countertop. Avoid legal issues by referring to it as a donation and not an actual payment or wage that you earned for the services you are offering.


Minimize phone conversations

Because your safety is vital, phone conversations should be kept to a minimum. If you must speak with your client, ask only short questions that require short answers. Typically, the cell phone is a method of communication used only by independent escorts. However, it is sometimes used by agency escorts interacting with long-term clients.


Client screening should be mandatory

As an independent escort, it is critical to review clients as thoroughly as possible before you invite them into your hotel room or before you go into theirs. An escort agency will typically screen and evaluate all clients in advance. Still, it’s essential to do a general review on your own.


Never discuss your personal life

Your privacy is crucial to your safety! There is no valid reason for any client to be privy to knowledge of your children, family or own affairs. If you find the conversation leaning toward your own life, turn it around by asking questions of your client. It’s okay to talk about generic things related to your own life (such as going to college or working another job) but do not provide any detail or insight. When you work as an escort, exposing yourself can place you at risk. Avoid doing so at all times, no matter how comfortable you may feel with a client. These five ways of protecting your identity and remaining safe should come naturally to you over time. You should be able to spot red flags while you are working and be able to notice things that don’t seem like the normal. If you follow the five ways above you will be able to prevent drama and focus on your career as an escort.


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